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Analytics Strategy and Creative by the Numbers for RBC

The Situation: RBC, approached us with an interesting challenge: How could they reach 1st time home buyers with content that actually makes sense to them? RBC had done a previous study with a research partner that came to the conclusion that the most important consideration pertaining to purchase was the way in which they communicated interest rates to a first time home buyer. RBC concluded, that their unique approach to interest rates should lead their consumer messaging.

The Solution: Through our research, we discovered that first time home buyers categorize their experience of buying a 1st home in one of three ways: it is either very romantic, slightly dramatic or a complete horror. These insights provided us with the direction to create a series of film trailers, bringing to life the consumer centric emotive conversation. After the success of the first year of the campaign, a fourth video was also included focusing on the “Science Fiction” of finding a new home.

The Campaign: Welcome to RBC Films Presents: The Mortgage, a data centric marketing campaign that brought to life three different long form videos that focused on the true feelings consumers had when purchasing a new home. To produce these videos, our team leveraged our strong industry relationships and partners with world renowned Director Jeremiah Chechik as well as highly decorated Special Effects Directors from Germany, Steffen Hacker Alexander Kiesl.

The Results: 
• We helped RBC drive a 70% increase in 1st time mortgages over the previous year during the campaign. 
• Over 4 million views on YouTube 
• Wild-postings generating 2 million impressions 
• Banner ads and social posts generating over 6 million impressions 
• Large events across Canada


Project Details

  • Client:
  • RBC
  • Category:
  • Content Creation
  • Date:
  • 2014 and 2015

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